Thursday, October 27, 2005

Time....Where does it all go?

Okay its been too long since I posted last. Sorry to all you readers.
I have finally realized how little time I really have in my life to do things for myself. Just to prove my point, Hubby is gone 3 weekends in a row (usually only two but Nov is special.) Once for Seminary, next for the men's retreat and then again for seminary. After all is said and done, then it is Thanksgiving. Thank God I have 4 days off for this wonderful, stuff your face till you burst, holiday. (except if you are on weight watchers then all you get is the bunny food) Monday nights hubby has evening prayer, Wednesday night is Taize, Saturday is Laudate, and Sunday morning is Mass and some how I work, cook and pickup and drop off the baby in between it all. Thank God Hubby cleans the house and does laundry cuz I think that it would be a waste hazard if it were left up to me and we would never have clean undies (a must!!). Its hard to find a balance to it all, but I am sure we will find it sooner than later. I just cant wait till I can get a pedicure or go shopping again! God bless clothes and hot bubbling foot baths!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to Weight Watchers!

Well I have finally realized just how much weight I need to loose. 25 LBS to be exact. So back to weight watchers I go. I am not looking forward to the counting and portion control, something I got out of the habit with when I got pregnant, (the whole your eating for 2 justified everything I ate!) but hey I got to loose the weight.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In The Midst Of It All

I was driving to work this morning and thinking to myself how great my life is. Some people that know me and my situation think and sometimes even say, "Gosh you really have your plate full" or "Wow you really do have a hard life." My usual response is "Well yeah, but not really." I mean if you are looking from the outside in I can see how some might think, "Why did she choose this life?" But if they were to take a closer look they would realize how truly blessed I am. I have a wonderful, loving, God fearing husband, who is constantly trying to be the best he can for God. I have a beautiful son, that gives me unconditional love and tons of smiles. I have a very giving Mother and Father, who are always making sure we are okay and doing what they can for us. We live in a GREAT condo that we actually can afford thanks to wonderful friends. BUT most of all I am loved by God. He blesses me daily with little reminders of all the things he has given me. I am such a lucky women to have such a trust in God. I think that without my faith I would have gone nuts. Eventhough times are rough and we have to go through some really crappy things, God IS there. You just have to have faith, that in the midst of it all, you are being blessed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

God I am listening

I am still not sure, after all this time, how to tell when God is speaking to me. I had this discussion with Hubby a few weeks ago and to be quite honest, I am still very confused.
God speaks differently to everyone. Some have a stirring in their hearts, others actually hear his voice, some can feel Him, etc. With the Hubby God seems to speak very directly with him. Or maybe he is just listening more than I?
I cant seem to tell if its just in my head or if it really is God. Sometimes I think I am going crazy trying to tell the difference. I think I have a very hard time with the listening part too. I seem to always want to hear Him but very rarely take the time to sit and listen. And I wonder why God isn't speaking to me? I can just hear Him saying, "Well Alena its because you aren't paying full attention to Me." In the midst of all my worry and self pity because I don't think that God speaks to me, I realize its not Him its me. Wow, what a concept. I think I will go and listen now.

Flu Shot Terror

Today I had to get the Flu Shot. My company was paying for all of the employees to get one (and inviting their family members too, at an additional cost of $20) As I watched with terror as the employees got shot up one by one I thought, "I have to go thru all that when I haven't come down with the flu in like 3 years, NO THANKS!" In turn I asked my friend, "Did it hurt?" She replied with a very calm "No." So you would think that I would have taken her word for it and jumped in line. Nope not me, I asked more people the same question and in turn received the same answer of "No." So hesitantly I went into the room and sat down in front of the nurse and said, "Is this going to hurt?" When she replied "All done." I was shocked! I look back and think gosh I am such a wimp. But at least I can say I am immune to the nasty flu bug! So HA! :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Love the rain?

Well as to counter act my friends post, 10 reasons he loves the rain, I will post why I don't. Occasionally the rain is good but lets be fair when addressing this issue.

Ten reason why I don't like the rain.

10. It is wet.
9. You get cold, (unless you live in like Hawaii)
8. It makes mud when mixed with dirt, gross!
7. You have to use umbrellas, I hate those things, all they do is make it harder for you to carry anything else.
6. You have to wear golashes (sp?) how lame can you possible look!
5. You automatically have a bad hair day.
4. Your visibility while driving sucks.
3. Flooded roads and mud slides (refer back to #8) = road closures.
2. People freak out when having to drive in the rain even if its barely sprinkling.
1. It takes you 2 1/2 hours to drive 17 miles.

Simple things

Today I came into work late, Noah had an appointment for his shots. I got to work at 11 and then before I knew it it was lunch. I didn't want to go out because of the rain and lack of funds. As I was hunting thru the fridge at work, I came across left over food from the party we had on Friday. I was so excited about the Humus and pasta salad that was going to be my lunch. I am so easy to please when it comes to food.
Sunday was a beautiful day. I got to sleep, like really sleep. I took a 2 her early morning nap with Noah, and then we went to church. After, Hubby, Noah and I went out to lunch with friends and as I was trying to breast feed Noah, I was eating a plate full of Angel Hair pasta. Try that one handed! Later we went to our Priests home for dinner. It was so nice to be surrounded by friends all day, I finally felt like we were a normal couple again.
On Saturday I was supposed to go out with a friend, but being that our life is a life with little boys, it got postponed. So needless to say I sat on the couch and watched The O.C. first season while my son slept by my side. That was the best Saturday in a long time, the only thing that would have made it perfect is if Hubby was there to participate in the relaxation!
I look back on my weekend and realize that I am a woman of simple things. I don't need to go out to fancy restaurants or get to go shopping every weekend. All I need is The O.C., my Hubby, my son and good friends and I am a very happy women!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sleep. Oh wonderful sleep!

The other night my Hubby and I were talking about how tired we were. Him from his MS and me from the endless nights of no sleep do to a crying, screaming, hungry baby. (Hubby does help but there is only so much a man can do if you breastfeed!) Anyway, I sat thinking to myself, "Wow, we look and feel so old." Its amazing what sleep deprivation will do to you.
In talking with him I asked, "Well besides no sleep how are you feeling?" The response was "Like a whole bunch of really big people sat on me."
Luckily, for me our baby is now on a new schedule and is finally sleeping almost thru the night! YEAH!!!! Unfortunately for Hubby he is still up to 3 or 4 am and when he does sleep its nightmare city. (He quit smoking and is wearing the patch.)
But the point is, I never knew just how much I love to sleep until I had Noah. Oh how I miss the days where I could sleep until noon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am hooked!

Okay I will admit it, I am hooked on this blogging thing. About 2 weeks ago I was telling my friend that blogging was a cult and anyone who is into it has major problems.....well, here I am checking my blog and other peoples blog every break I have. All I have to say is, I am glad its not crack!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why are you crying?

Well you know how just on some days you feel like you just want to cry, either out of frustration or sadness or sometimes for no good reason at all! The other night I was crying just cuz, and the hubby asked me "what's wrong, why are you crying?" I had no answer. I was just crying because I felt like it. Men must get so annoyed by this. To think, if we asked them, "Honey, why to you scratch/adjust all the time?" think how crazy we would go because there answer would be the same as ours...."just because."

So next time I feel like crying for no real reason I will remind myself of these top 10 reasons not to cry.

10. Usually your face looks distorted when you cry.
9. Your nose runs, a lot!
8. You get the instant puffy eye.
7. Your makeup smears, runs off, etc.
6. Your face gets red.
5. You can get a headache.
4. It starts to get hard to breath(depending on how hard you are crying)
3. You start realizing that you are crying over nothing
2. And so you start crying more because you think you are crazy.
1. You will get asked "what's wrong, why are you crying?" by the hubby. :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Have Succumb!

Well I have joined the blogging cult of All Saints Church! I did not join because I wanted to but because I had to in order to post a comment on Codys blog. LAME!!! Anyway, this might be good for me. It will give me an outlet from my crazy life (hence the name of my blog). Please understand, when I say "crazy" I do not mean "bad". My life is carzy in a good way....well, most of the time. Here I go!