Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Flu Shot Terror

Today I had to get the Flu Shot. My company was paying for all of the employees to get one (and inviting their family members too, at an additional cost of $20) As I watched with terror as the employees got shot up one by one I thought, "I have to go thru all that when I haven't come down with the flu in like 3 years, NO THANKS!" In turn I asked my friend, "Did it hurt?" She replied with a very calm "No." So you would think that I would have taken her word for it and jumped in line. Nope not me, I asked more people the same question and in turn received the same answer of "No." So hesitantly I went into the room and sat down in front of the nurse and said, "Is this going to hurt?" When she replied "All done." I was shocked! I look back and think gosh I am such a wimp. But at least I can say I am immune to the nasty flu bug! So HA! :)


Blogger Jewels said...

Never look at the needle. And just keep breathing.

You could be me. I need two drinks and a dramamine just to fly from here to Vegas.

9:20 AM  
Blogger joannmski said...

One of the men at work paced up and down the halls for half an hour, while everyone else got their flu shots, trying to get up the courage to do it. Then, when the nurse was packing up to leave, he finally sat down to get it. Then he realized that it wasn't such a big deal and he could have been a lot happier if he had just done it half an hour earlier.

3:08 PM  

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