Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving Hell

I am sure that all of you had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving, mine on the other hand was total chaos! Baby had a bad reaction to the otc meds the Doctor recommended for his cold. He refused to sleep and was completely out of control. Nothing we did would satisfy him. It was horrible. We left Mom and Dads house at 5, which is unheard of in our family. I felt really bad, but Hubby and I were about to flip our lids if we didn't take him home and try to get him to calm down!
Needless to say we got in the car so fast I barely had time to say goodbye to everyone. As we were driving home Baby dosed off, YEAH!!! I begged Hubby to keep driving the gas money was worth the silence. He only slept for about 30 min. but it was worth every minute!!! Ahhhhhh... the holidays! :) Cant wait till Christmas, I wonder what that will bring! (hee hee)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Baby's First Cold

Well the inevitable happened. Baby got a cold. I knew it was just a matter of time, both hubby and I had it. The cold really is not that bad, a runny nose and a slight cough, but being a new mom I really wasn't sure what to do. I called the doctor and they told be to give him some otc meds and that if it got worse or he was running a "real" fever to get an appointment.
I cant believe that I sat there picking and sucking baby's nose this morning, trying so hard to those sticky green boogies out. Baby really hates the booger sucking thing. When he was a little baby he didn't mind it too much, but now he gets violent when I use it on him. But I must say he really like the grape flavored meds. They are probably a nice change from breast milk. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Follow not Lead!

I know where I am in my life. My Hubby is on one side and Noah on the other & God is in front leading the way. Sometimes I see where He is going and I hesitate, other times I am walking blind. I feel, knowing where God is trying to get me to go is harder than not knowing. At least with not knowing you cant fight it. When you know where he is going and you see His plan, you realize that its not exactly what YOU had planned. I know this side all too well.
When I married Hubby I had just finally got him to start coming to the "wacky" church of mine. We had a very easy, low-key, life together. Then one day Hubby comes to me and says, "I think I am supposed to be a Priest." Ummm... I am sorry WHAT??? I had seen this coming but refused to allow myself to except it, after all me a wife of a Priest, yeah right. I could not play the whole quiet and submissive role, it just wasn't me. I protested that I could not be married to a Priest.
As time went on, Hubby kept coming to me with this whole Priest idea. Finally I told him to talk to Fr. GoBigOrGoHome. He did and came home with confirmation. Needless to say Hubby is in seminary, go figure. Not at all what I had planned for us, but none the less I am comfortable with it and honestly cant wait till his ordination.
I think walking blind is hard to do but its easier to accept the overall outcome. Right before Hubby and I got married he was diagnosed with MS. This was the hardest thing to deal with, literally a month before the big day. Do we continue with the wedding, do we postpone, do not go thru with it at all? Questions and many many emotions surrounded us. I was lost completely blindsided by the entire ordeal. One day Hubby and I were driving home from somewhere and he told me that he would understand if I didn't want to marry him and that it was going to be a long hard road and he would completely understand if I didn't want to be there with him. I got very upset with him for even thinking I would leave him because of the situation. My vows started when I said yes to his proposal, not when the honeymoon began. (Call me old fashion, but really!) I knew that what ever road God was going to put us on would be the right one. Not knowing what that road was, was easier than seeing it and knowing exactly how hard it will/is/would be.
I am happy with where I am in my little journey. I trust, sometimes hesitantly, that He has me right here He wants me. I just have to know to always follow and never lead.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The OC Withdrawal Over!!

I have gone an entire month with out The OC. Tonight is the night, no phone calls or interruptions, I get to see my show! This might seem silly to some that "don't watch those shows" but really, come one, I get very little time to invest in what I want to watch. Its usually Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, or Noggin, so please let me have this little, one hour of TV pleasure.
For those of you who don't have a clue to what The OC is all about let me fill you in......DRAMA! Really its fabulous, anyone who has never seen it, I can lone you The Complete First Season on DVD for a minimal price. :) But anyways, this Mom is happy!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wanting more

A friend of mine (she lives down stairs from me) is just about to have her baby. She came up a little bit ago to give me her thank you card form the shower and she looked very "ready". She has been asking me questions thru out her pregnancy and I would answer the best I could. I feel like such a Mom. Telling her how it was with me and offering her advise when she asked made me re-live my time being pregnant. I remember those 9 months like yesterday and cant wait for them to come again. Yes it was hard, but one of the best things in my life came from it. Cody thinks I am crazy for wanting more. I look at Baby and think, "Wow, I love this little guy so much, how could I love another just the same?" Well I am ready to find out, just give me a few years. :)

Listen, then speak.

I have been at a Communication Seminar for the past few days in the wonderful shopping area of Pasadena. The seminar was kinda hokey but I did get somethings from it, but more importantly I was 1 block away from Colorado Blvd. The first day I controlled myself and only went into 1 shop. The second day I said lets go big, I went to the Mall!! I think its one of the best malls around. It has a MAC store, Ann Taylor, Macy's, and the list goes on and on!!! I was in shock! I was there with a friend who had a seminar too and we were on heaven, dressed very casual on a weekday shopping and eating hamburgers. That was the best thing ever!