Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wanting more

A friend of mine (she lives down stairs from me) is just about to have her baby. She came up a little bit ago to give me her thank you card form the shower and she looked very "ready". She has been asking me questions thru out her pregnancy and I would answer the best I could. I feel like such a Mom. Telling her how it was with me and offering her advise when she asked made me re-live my time being pregnant. I remember those 9 months like yesterday and cant wait for them to come again. Yes it was hard, but one of the best things in my life came from it. Cody thinks I am crazy for wanting more. I look at Baby and think, "Wow, I love this little guy so much, how could I love another just the same?" Well I am ready to find out, just give me a few years. :)


Blogger joannmski said...

The good thing is, mothers get amnesia - and forget about the hard things, and remember the good things. Otherwise there'd be a bunch of only children on this earth!

11:17 PM  

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