Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Please sign up if you want to walk or donate. We only have 3 people walking including me and we need 6 people in order to be a team! So please, if you are interested, call me or just go on to the site and sign up on our team!!
www.nationalmssociety.com click on mswalk and our team name is Y'shuas Cure. We are walking in Lancaster on April 8th!! Thanks you guys.


I am not one to really share too much about my personal life, when it comes to my marriage. Usually my answer to questions like, "how's it going" or "how are you and Hubby", is "fine" or "well, you know". Never really too deep and never really too positive or negative. As I sat tonight thinking about things I realized I haven't posted in a very long time. I sat in front of the monitor thinking what do I write about? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, not sure exactly for what reason I am to share this but here you go. I hope you find beauty in this like I have.

I have been going thru a major attack. Dreams, visions, mood swings (no, this one is not hormonal, thank you.) tons of doubt. This last weekend I had a complete break down. I sobbed in Hubby's arms and said things I would have never thought I would come to say in my life. I was tired, broken, beat down and most of all depressed. Hubby held me for a long time while I let it all out, then once the words had stopped and all that was left was tears, he did something wonderful, he began to pray. I sat, still sobbing not really knowing exactly what was happening and next thing I know, Hubby tells me to "trust him on this one and to close my eyes". He put Holy Water on my eye lids and began to pray. God gave him such beautiful words for me. Words that my heart needed to hear. When I opened my eyes I knew my suffering was done and that God touched me in a way that I have never seen or felt before. As I began to dry my tears, I realized that I was changed and renewed something I have not felt in years. What a wonderful day!!