Monday, July 31, 2006

No Fear

Well, now that the family unit is all better, I started to freak out about my own issues. Isn't that the way it always works, after the dust settles you start to freak out about the things that you have tried so hard to ignore. Not to get into too much detail, but I have been trying not to accept something that really has been a problem since before I got married. I started off just denying it all together and then that moved into telling everyone that would bring it up that they were crazy now FINALLY I took a step that I was not prepared to take. After hearing it for years, I finally decided to "prove them all wrong". That attitude quickly turned into, "Oh My God what if they are right?". Then last night it turned into "Okay so if this isn't really an issue after all then what the HELL is wrong with me? Am I always going to be like this?" I think that when we view ourselves we don't see what others do. We never see, or simply ignore, the issues at hand. It takes a really strong person to reflect inward and try to identify and solve the issues. I think now I can truly call myself strong.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Noah has delevoped a rash on his hands and feet and around his mouth. This morning I noticed he had sores in his mouth and on his tongue. The Dr this morning diagnosed it as Hand-Foot-Mouth virus. Being the crazy science nerd I am I looked it all up on the web to see if I could get some good close ups pics of the mouth ulcers. WOW did I get some good ones. When the virus goes into the mouth it causes these tiny red spots to appear on the tongue and mouth area. The tiny red spots become ulcers and can be very painful. Even though my poor son is not feeling well I am being entertained by the gruesome pictures of others. He should be better with in 7-10 days. No medication just time. The funny thing is his day care isn't very happy with see he did not have the rash yesterday morning and so I brought him to day care. Later when I came to pick him up she noticed the rash. Needless to say she called me today to see if I had heard anything from the Dr because one of the little girls was running a high fever. She was not pleased when I told her of situation. Oh well...welcome to the life of Day Care! :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

All At Once

WOW! Okay so this week has been a insane. I never thought it was possible for all of us to be sick at the same time....boy was I wrong. We all had Dr appointments yesterday for various things, here is the break down on Dr's visits.
Noah was running a high fever on Tuesday and Wednesday, still not sure why. Dr's diagnosis...could not find any infection so she thinks its a virus.
Joshua had a sore throat at the end of last week and it got better for a day and then the "sickness" hit him like a ton of bricks yesterday. Dr's diagnosis...possible Strep Throat.
After taking the little man to the Dr's I get home and went to the potty and I almost passed out. So off I went to the Dr's too. I got to do what I am, unfortunately, the best at, went peepee in a cup. Dr's diagnosis...another UTI/Kidney infection.
SO needless to say we are all a bunch of sick-o's in my house all fighting our own illness. God really does have a sense of humor. You just got to laugh.