Thursday, August 24, 2006

Almost 6 Years

I cant believe how fast time goes by. On the 26th of this month Joshua and I will have been together (dating and marriage) for 6 years. I can clearly remember the day the we first met, our first date, the day we got engaged, our wedding, etc. It truly seems just like yesterday. The funny thing is that I still learn new things about him daily. I think that's what makes a really great marriage. I love him more each day that passes.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Version of Shoe Ish

Since we seem to be on the topic of shoe ish, I might as well join in.

Since Noah started walking, I thought now was the time to put some shoes on that boy. Friends and family have been kind enough to donate many shoes that I thought were adorable. A couple of Sundays ago I sat Noah down to do the shoe thing. Here is how it went.

Step 1: Wrangle him from whatever he is doing to get him to sit still long enough to get the socks on
Step 2: Put left sock on
Step 3: Put right sock on
Step 4: Put left sock on again do to the fact it was mysteriously taken off
Step 5: Untie shoes
Step 6: Run down the hall to get Noah back to a sitting position
Step 7: attempt to get left shoe on (no luck foot wouldn't fit.)
Step 8: Attempt to get the right shoe on (you think I would have learned that it wasn't going to fit after trying the left one, but no.)

I did this about 4 times with different shoes. Hoping that one pair would fit. With no luck and after about 45min I decided that he was going to go bare foot!

Now that I knew that he needed shoes Hubby, Noah and I all went to the mall last weekend to see if we could get Noah sized properly since I had no clue now as to what size he could possibly be.

We get to the mall and went into the kids shoe store that's right by Macy's. They staff was very nice and they measured his foot. He is a 5 1/2 W. I was shocked, I tried the 5 1/2 W Stride Rite shoes that I had at home last weekend and I couldn't get them on!

Hubby found a really cute pair of slip on shoes in his size but just not wide, we tried them on and after he began to cry and crawled around the store whining and trying to pull them off his feet. I guess the "wide" thing really does matter. So the sales rep took me over the this wall where all the "just walking" shoes were. I picked out the cutest little shoes. We put them on and he was actually okay with them on for a bit. I flipped over the shoe box to see the price thinking, "how expensive could they possibly be...." HOLY CRAP!!! $60 for baby shoes that if we are lucky he wont grow out of for at least 1 month! So I very kindly asked her to place them on hold thinking that if I won the lotto that night I could go back and buy them. Needless to say I went to Wal-Mart! :(

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Theology & Cocktails

Dont always mix. But hey it makes for great conversation the next day! ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006


I think that at least once in a lifetime you are faced with a MAJOR life changing decision. Some may have more than others but on average I am going to say at least one. I have had my share of life changing choices to make in my short amount of time here on this earth, but when they come up it always seems to be "the first". As I am sure you can tell I am facing a life changing decision at this very moment. (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT) What path do I take? Do I go out on a limb and take a chance or do I just play it safe and go on with my day to day life? Both would suffice, but both bring completely different outcomes. As you see I am an obsessive thinker. I will replay the thoughts and outcomes, the possibilities, the pros and the cons until I am blue in the face, and still not be able to make a decision. That, I will say, is my downfall. I don't have faith that whatever I choose for myself and family everything will turn out okay because God has promised me that. I feel like I am "making boxes" to control the outcome. Why cant I just trust that the choice I make God will be in? I know he will but some how that doesn't come into the equation when working the problem. Gosh, I need to pray!