Monday, August 07, 2006


I think that at least once in a lifetime you are faced with a MAJOR life changing decision. Some may have more than others but on average I am going to say at least one. I have had my share of life changing choices to make in my short amount of time here on this earth, but when they come up it always seems to be "the first". As I am sure you can tell I am facing a life changing decision at this very moment. (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT) What path do I take? Do I go out on a limb and take a chance or do I just play it safe and go on with my day to day life? Both would suffice, but both bring completely different outcomes. As you see I am an obsessive thinker. I will replay the thoughts and outcomes, the possibilities, the pros and the cons until I am blue in the face, and still not be able to make a decision. That, I will say, is my downfall. I don't have faith that whatever I choose for myself and family everything will turn out okay because God has promised me that. I feel like I am "making boxes" to control the outcome. Why cant I just trust that the choice I make God will be in? I know he will but some how that doesn't come into the equation when working the problem. Gosh, I need to pray!


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Don't change. He really likes the peanut butter and jelly.

ba dum bum.

But seriously. don't try to figure it out yourself. Let God handle it. Don't just ask Him to HELP you. GIVE it to Him. Trust me on this one. He can work it all out and you don't have to stress over a thing. Even when the Israelites were given manna every morning, they still tried to store it - just in case there wouldn't be any the next day. Well, it rotted and got bugs in it. Eeewww! Just let God handle it. He really wants to and is just waiting for you to let go. He won't fit in your box anyway.

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