Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Noahs has been on the BRAT diet for almost 3 weeks now and he has come to be obsessed with the "A" in the BRAT diet. As many of you moms know, and maybe husbands too, "A" stands for apples. Either juice, diced, puree, etc., according to my Dr, it doesn't matter. Well, Noah LOVES applesauce! Every time we sit down to eat he screams for it. Unfortunately I still cant get him to say it right. Here is how it always goes.
Noah: "Applenauce, Applenauce" (chanting it)
Me: You want Apple-SAUCE?
Noah: APPLENAUCE! APPLENAUCE! (loudly chanting)
Me: Noah, say APPLESAUCE. (with most of the annunciation on the sauce part.)
Noah: (very slowly says) APPLENAUCE.
Me: Okay say Please.
This one has to go in the baby book!